Chevrolet Lease Specials in Lansing, MI

Do you currently have a Chevrolet lease deal agreement that is coming to an end, and you need to work out a new arrangement? Explore all of our new Chevy specials! Begin the process today by filling out a credit application, and one of our Business Managers will contact you.

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Our Chevrolet Lease Deals Can Drastically Cut Costs

While most people finance their new Chevy with a traditional Chevrolet finance offer, some people like the unique appeal of leasing a new car, and our Chevrolet lease deals make that easier. There are benefits for either financing method you choose, so here’s a special look at how leasing works.

Why Chevrolet Lease Deals Make Sense

At Shaheen Chevrolet in Lansing, we’ve seen that the biggest attraction in leasing a new Chevy is the chance to drive a car with less money out-of-pocket. A lease nearly always involves lower monthly payments than a car loan requires. In addition, with our Chevrolet lease deals, you might get a lease with less money up front – the “amount due at signing.” It’s even possible to find a financing special that lets you lease with no money down.

A Chevy Lease Deal Eliminates Headache

Leasing a new Chevy through our Chevy Lease Center can make it easy to drive a brand-new Chevy model every few years. As you’ll see when you read our Lease Return Guide, at the end of your current Chevrolet lease – usually 36 months – you simply return your leased Chevrolet to us, pay for any excess damage or miles above the contractual limit and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about selling that vehicle: We’ll take care of it for you.

You Can Lease Nearly Anything You Can Finance

As you know, Chevrolet builds some of the best-selling vehicles in America. That means you can lease something as popular as the new  Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup – Chevy’s best-selling model of all. Or if you have a family, you might prefer to lease the popular new Chevy Equinox with excellent  fuel economy. You could also lease a new Chevy Traverse or Blazer mid-size SUV, a compact Chevy Trailblazer or a big Chevy Tahoe SUV. If it’s for sale, you can lease it!

Chevrolet Lease Deals vs. Chevrolet Finance Offers in Lansing

As you’ll see in our FAQs about Leasing, the main attraction of a Chevrolet lease deal vs. Chevrolet finance offers is the reduction in monthly payments and more cash on hand.  One thing for our customers in Holt and Grand Ledge to be aware of is that you are not buying the car. A lease comes with mileage limits and you’re responsible for any wear and tear.

Keep Checking Our Chevrolet Lease Deals

The leasing specials we offer online are likely to change fairly often, so if you’re interested in signing a current Chevrolet lease, it makes sense to check this page frequently. Talk to the experts in our finance center about your unique financial situation to find out if leasing might be a wise option. If not, we’ve got plenty of Chevrolet finance specials to offer you as an alternative.

Shaheen Chevrolet Delivers Whether You Lease or Finance a Chevy

It doesn’t matter whether you take a Chevrolet lease deal or a Chevrolet finance special – we’ll bring the car to you when the paperwork is finalized so you don’t have to go anywhere. Shop from home with Shaheen Chevrolet and take advantage of one of many Chevrolet lease specials, or Chevrolet finance offers.

Disclaimer: Must qualify for GMS pricing. 24mo/10,000 mile per year lease w/$2000 Down payment plus all taxes and state fees. Some vehicles are demos and Lessee will forfeit current mileage. Must qualify for Lease Loyalty, In-Market Lease Cash or a combination of these programs. Based on approved credit. 0% available on select models. Not everyone will qualify. See Dealer for details.