Get Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Winters in Lansing

March 7th, 2019 by

Cold, snowy weather can impact your drives whether you’re heading to class in East Lansing or driving south for the winter, which is why having your car maintenance up to date is so vital. As we know all too well, there are quite a few differences between winter driving and spring, fall, and summer driving, and this is especially true for certain parts of your car. Well, we’ve highlighted some of the winter maintenance jobs you should have done during the cold months, which you’ll see below.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Months in Charlotte, MI!
The first part of your vehicle to check in the winter is what will be dealing with that snow and ice: the tires. Having the right winter tires on can help Mason, MI drivers keep traction even on a sheet of ice, and you should also monitor their pressure and tread depth if you’ve been using them for a few winters now. Other parts that deal with more snow and ice include your wipers, so check those, and make sure you have enough wiper fluid for clearing the windshield. Of course, keeping an eye on other fluids, like engine oil and coolant, is also vital, and batteries can struggle in cold weather, so give yours a test so that you don’t spend a morning getting a jump.

Get the Service Your Vehicle Needs at Shaheen Chevrolet
You don’t become Mid Michigan’s #1 Chevy Dealer by just having wonderful new Chevy models for sale; you do it by providing a car buying and owning experience unlike any other! We love answering questions of our visitors, like the best way to prep your Chevy for cold weather, whether they bought a car from us or not. If you think your car needs one or more of these services we’ve listed above, set up an appointment at our maintenance center, a short drive down I-96 from Grand Rapids, so that your vehicle is ready for all that Michigan winters can throw at you!

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