FAQs About Leasing

Get Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing Answered in Lansing

Looking to get behind a new Chevy model near East Lansing, but unsure of whether you should lease or finance? The decision can certainly be challenging, considering there are so many pros for each choice. However, there is typically a clear option for customers torn between the two options when further inspecting the benefits of leasing and financing. Today, get some of your most frequently asked leasing-related questions answered with your experts near Charlotte, MI.

Why is leasing a good option?

Leasing is typically perfect for those that want to always be behind the wheel of a new car. Because you’re only leasing a Chevy for a set amount of time, you’ll be able to change out the model you drive quite frequently, which ensures you’ll have access to the latest in safety and technology features. Updating your vehicle every few years also means that you’ll easily be able to upgrade to a larger model if you’re family grows or downsize to a smaller vehicle if you’re looking to maximize driveway space.

Leasing also offers these benefits:

  • Typically lower monthly payments enable you to get inside a more expensive model
  • Remain under warranty protection for the entire time your drive your car
  • Enjoy less expensive maintenance appointments

How long does a lease last?

Leases typically last between two and three years, but they’re organized and signed by a certain number of months. For example, it’s most common to see 24-month or 36-month leases. Shaheen Chevrolet can help you with any questions you have about returning your lease or extending your lease.

Do I have to put money down?

While it varies from person to person and vehicle to vehicle, it’s not typical that you’d be required to make a down payment on your lease. If you’re a leaser with subprime credit, it’s more likely that you’d have to put money down on your lease. Or, you can choose to make a down payment to reduce your monthly payments over time.

How many miles do I get with a lease?

Again, it varies by the lease agreement, but the standard mileage limits per year are 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000 miles. This means that you’ll get the chance to pick the limit that best works with your lifestyle, daily commute, and annual road trip plans.

Who is leasing right for, in comparison to financing?

Leasing is great for those who always want to drive a new car with the latest innovations of the automotive world, who don’t have long daily commutes and can work within a mileage limit each year, and for those that want to save on their monthly payment around Mason, MI. It’s worth mentioning that a lease is akin to renting, just as financing a car is akin to buying a home. If you’re not ready to invest, leasing could be the perfect option. Perhaps you’re considering moving to a big city in a few years where you won’t need a car—leasing would be ideal in this circumstance.

This is not to say that financing isn’t right for anyone—financing is a great option for drivers who want to make an investment and grow with their vehicle over a longer period of time. If you have long, regular commutes or simply don’t want to fret about mileage limits—financing is likely best for you.

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