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Chevy End-Of-Lease Options

Chevrolet End-Of-Lease Options at Shaheen Chevrolet

It may seem like only yesterday you got your new Chevrolet, but it's almost the end of your lease. Don't fret, you have time to explore your options in regards to your lease. At the end of your leasing plan, our Owosso area Chevrolet dealership will make sure you find the right plan that you not only enjoy, but are comfortable with. Below, you will see your potential options. Take some time to explore all the possible options and decide which one will work best for you. Of course, any confusion or any uncertainty, we're here to help you pick the right plan.

Buyout Your Lease Vehicle

It's too hard to say goodbye. Your Chevrolet has been a great ride and is only getting better. Fortunately, you can purchase this vehicle and finance it to own! With the help from our finance team, we'll find a payment plan that is comfortable with your budget. Even if you change your mind after buying the vehicle, you can always decide to return it if we can sell it as a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Turn In Vehicle to Purchase/Lease a New GM Vehicle

You had your fun with this ride but you want something new and different! Getting a new car is always exciting and we're happy to help achieve this. Browse our Chevrolet inventory and see what peaks your interest. From SUVs, trucks, sedans, all the way to our outstanding coupes, we have a vehicle that fits everyone's lifestyle.

After you have some ideas in mind, come see them in person at Shaheen Chevrolet near Owosso. Here, you can take them for a test drive to see if they're just what you imagined. It's also important to have an idea if you want to lease or finance this next vehicle.

Before Turning In Your Leased Chevrolet

We don't want our clients getting charged fees that could have been avoided, so we recommend customers do a few things before the turn-in date comes. Prior to turning in your vehicle, it needs to go through an inspection. You can schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection online where you will enter your full VIN and lease account number. It also helps to clean your car inside out while returning everything given to you like:

  • All Keys and Key Fobs
  • Owner's Manual
  • Other Accessories Included in The Lease Package
  • Original Manufacturer Wheels at The Time of Lease
  • Power Charging Cables for Electric Vehicles

Do not forget anything personal that belongs to you in the car! Check under seats, in storage spaces, trunk, etc. to ensure you have everything.

Nicks and Scratches?

We understand that the car will accumulate some damage during its drive with you. But, there is a difference between normal wear vs. excess wear. From the exterior to the interior, we'll give you an idea of what is acceptable to turn in vs. unacceptable. Anything in excess will cost you money because we need your vehicle in sellable condition.

We look forward to helping you decide this new chapter of your life. For more information, please contact us at (888) 422-7554. We also serve Grand Ledge and Holt area shoppers.

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