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Chevy Brake Service

Let Our Certified Service Center Help with Your Brake Maintenance Needs

There's nothing better than a car that runs well. As nice as it is to have confidence in your vehicle's ability to "go," however, it's even more essential to have the tools to stop.

Luckily, when you work with the service professionals at Shaheen Chevrolet, you'll find expert technicians who know the ins and outs of the brake service that every vehicle needs! Serving drivers from Lansing to East Lansing, our team has the tools and skills to make sure your brakes are working the way you need them to.

Are Your Brakes Telling You There's a Problem?

For many Charlotte, MI drivers, the hardest part of arranging Chevy brake service is accurately recognizing when something is wrong with their brakes. There are, however, several signs you can look for that will tell you when your brakes need some help. Are your brakes:

Making a grinding/squealing noise?

Feeling spongy when you press the pedal?

Making a burning smell during use?

Does your brake pedal push all the way to the floor?

If you experience any of these situations, or anything out of the ordinary for your Chevrolet brakes in general, there's a good chance something is going on. Your next step once you've realized that? Calling the experts at Shaheen Chevrolet! 

Brake Service FAQ - Let Us Answer Your Common Questions

Many of our customers have questions about their Chevy brakes. Our service team has answers.

Is there a certain timeframe I should replace my brake pads or brake rotors in?

While there's not necessarily a set timeframe, you should have your Chevrolet brakes checked whenever you seek any other kind of service. Most service centers will be happy to take a look and let you know how they're doing.

How long should I expect my brake pads to last?

While every vehicle is different and use ultimately dictates the rate of wear, most drivers can expect their brake pads to last about 20,000-25,000 miles before replacement is necessary.

Are all brake rotors the same?

While you'll find a wide variety of rotors that can fit any given vehicle, there can be a lot of difference between one set of brake rotors and another. Differences in style, design, and material can add up to a wide array of variation in brake rotors.

Schedule Your Brake Service at Shaheen Chevrolet Today

Are you a Charlotte or Mason, MI driver looking for dependable Chevrolet brake service experts? Contact the service team at Shaheen Chevrolet today. We have the tools, parts, and expertise you'll need to get the brake service help you're looking for. Don’t hesitate to reach out today and schedule your appointment. You'll find us ready and waiting to help! Save on your next brake service with our service specials.

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